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Make friends around the world

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Don't you think life would be better if you had friends all over the world? Weworld connects you to people in different countries. Make international friends, learn about different cultures, and enjoy life more!


Why WeWorld

I'm happy to find new friends worldwide. It's always a lot of fun to share cultures and traditions.

Korean, 22

I’m interested to improve my English and growing my vocabulary, chat with natives, make online friend and pen pal.

Russian, 26

I'm a backpack traveler. I want to make a travel buddy. I love to meet new people while traveling cause I think it's the best way to learn the local life.

Spanish, 20

I want to practice Japanese, German and Portuguese. I want to make foreign friends who is native speaker.

Thai, 27

I’m a geek on Asian cultures and languages, love anime and reading manga. I like to chat with Asian girls.

French, 31

It is a nice opportunity to learn different countries and culture. Conventional social network is bored.

German, 36

I’m learning English and Chinese. I plan to study abroad and someday I want to work overseas.

Italian, 16




Beautiful Landscape

- Story -

We operate a small café restaurant called Fresh Fruit Factory near Angkor Wat where travelers from all over the world gather. As the name implies, the theme of this restaurant is tropical fruit. We faced a variety of difficulties since opening for business in 2016, but we now are fortunate to be visited by many customers from countries throughout the world. The restaurant has grown into a wonderful place where many encounters and much interaction among cultures occurs.

One day while watching the customers enjoying talking among themselves we got an idea. The experience of interacting with people from different cultures is novel, fun, and is the “cure” that gives meaning to our lives. We wondered if there was a way to provide this “cure” to many people. That’s when we got the idea for Weworld.

There are many social media venues where influential global leaders can have an impact. Weworld provides a wonderful opportunity for many people to experience international exchange in an easier, more equitable way.

Having friends throughout the world - Weworld makes that new age a reality.

flags 2 2.png

Flags on the wall in Fresh Fruit Factory, Drawn by Travelers.


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