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The power of language

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Have you ever thought about the power of language?

Have you experienced the change in different perspectives or different personalities when you speak another language?


There are about 7,000 different languages in the world, and their vocabulary, syntax, and their pronunciations all differ.


A cognitive scientist, Lera Boroditsky speaks about "How Language Shapes the Way We Think" in her Ted talk.

Ms. Boroditsky points out how there is a big difference in cognitive ability across languages. For example, different ways of organizing time, counting numbers, seeing color, gender representations, and how they describe events.

In describing different events, Ms. Boroditsky gives an example of how English speakers will describe events compared to Spanish speakers. If there was an accident at a museum where someone broke a vase, English speakers will say “he broke the vase”. On the other hand, Spanish speakers will remember more about the accident itself, thinking “the vase broke”.

Even with the same accident, English speakers will remember who did it, while Spanish speakers will remember that the vase broke on accident. The difference in language can guide reasoning in different ways when it comes to punishment as well.

Wouldn’t you want to educate yourself more on the difference of languages and how it shapes the way we think?

From the comfort of your home, while living your normal life, Weworld can connect you to 126 different countries around the world.

One way to use this app, is to find a connection on this app first, then using skype or other video calling programs to speak to people from different countries to see how they express themselves. This may be the first step in exposing yourself to different cultures and understanding the differences.


- Team Weworld -

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