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Self Growth & Appreciation

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Being aware of what’s happening around the world can make you realize a lot of things within yourself, and within the country you live in. You might realize how privileged you are, or you might realize what your country could be doing better compared to others. These discoveries can lead to self growth and develop a better appreciation for the things you have.

For example, if you lived in Japan, and you traveled to another country, you might think “There is no other country like Japan where the streets and public spaces are clean and safe”. Whereas you might also realize the inconvenience of the packed trains, and the culture of work centered lifestyles. Many of us are so busy and caught up in our lives, that sometimes it takes seeing completely different cultures and lifestyles to learn about your own. This can lead to better appreciation for the little things in life. It can be as small as “I’m grateful to have my own room where I can have complete privacy”, or “I’m grateful for this meal I’m eating”.

Having better appreciation and self-awareness can start shifting the way you see yourself, your country, and the world around you! So try connecting to someone different through our app WeWorld, and see what discoveries you can make about yourself and your country!

-Team Weworld-

Citation: The Power of Input インプット大全 by Kabasawa Shion

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