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How to Build a Strong Relationship Internationally

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With many businesses expanding internationally, the importance of having a curious, understanding, and flexible mindset may be key to building a strong international relationship.


How do they communicate? What is their business style? What is the mutual benefit?

These are some questions to consider when doing business with another country. Being curious allows you to learn and educate yourself on different countries' cultures, norms, rituals, and business styles. These are “cultural sensitivities” to be mindful of when conducting business internationally.


With curiosity and learning about different cultures, comes understanding. Through taking the time to listen and truly understand about how certain cultures work, communication will be much smoother with less conflict. After understanding each other, it will be easier to see what the mutual benefit can be through conducting business with another country.


Being adaptable with flexible thinking. Richard Branson, creator of Virgin says on Forbes, “It goes without saying that business leaders should work toward mutual understanding and attitude and always work together with discipline and trustworthiness”.

These are few factors that can help with building international relationships in business, but the first step of having curiosity and meeting people can be achieved at Weworld! It may be a good experience to meet new people and start exposing yourself to different cultures.


-Team Weworld-

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