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Creating a Global Mindset

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How often do you get to meet people from different countries and learn about their culture?

Japanese serial entrepreneur Ryu Kawamura operates a small restaurant in Cambodia, where many travelers from around the world stop by to grab some fresh fruits, and have a conversation. Despite the challenges of operating a restaurant, it became a wonderful place for travelers to connect with one another.

He even created a wall in the restaurant where the travelers can draw their own flag, and write a message to other people who stop by.

Seeing the travelers interact with one another, Ryu came up with the idea of creating a platform to exchange cultures, learn new languages, and educate each other through an app, called Weworld.

Not everyone may have the money or the time to travel around the world, but through this app, users are able to easily connect with people from 217 different countries. The app is created to connect the users with only people from outside their country, to broaden their horizons.

Why is it important to broaden your horizons? It is all about creating a “global mindset”. Global mindset can be defined as the ability to adapt to different cultures, and connect both intellectually and emotionally. Here is a Ted Talk by Pellegrino Riccardi, who talks about his three nationalities, and how he learned to adapt and merge those different cultures to create a global mindset. 

Having a global mindset is key to success in the world we live in today, as many businesses expand internationally.

So what better way to start learning about different cultures than to talk with people from other countries through Weworld?

- Team WeWorld -

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