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Looking at the World from Different Perspectives

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Do you believe your country’s cultural habits, values, and perspectives are always correct?

I’m sure those of you who've had the opportunity to attend some kind of international conventions or events have noticed the difference in cultures, values, and perspectives when you meet people from different countries.

Professor Alexander Au, who teaches German in America and Mexico, believes that studying abroad can help you see the world from different perspectives and be more open to adapting new values.

For example, in MBA, there was an experiment where French students competed against German students to see who can build a tower the fastest in ten minutes. The French students started building right away, with one student leading the team. On the other hand, the German students all discussed a deliberate plan to execute the task for the first three minutes.

This is an example of how different cultures solve problems differently. It doesn’t necessarily mean one is right over the other.

The difference in the ways of thinking is affected by each country’s cultures, government, and the economy.

If you were able to experience studying abroad, you would be able to better adapt to different ways of thinking and become an open minded person.

However, studying abroad can be quite expensive and time consuming.

This is where I introduce you to the Weworld app, where you can make a friend from different countries all over the world.

Once you find a friend through this app, you can discuss social issues, hobbies, and many more topics. It can be an opportunity to open yourself up to see a whole new perspective on the world.


- Team WeWorld -

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